Partners Impacted by Relational/Betrayal Trauma

Discovering that your significant other had a secret sexual life is one of the most devastating betrayals a person can face. You may feel like your entire world has been destroyed overnight.

Everything you believed about your relationship now seems like a lie.  You may wonder who this person is?  Or why they would do this to you?  You are probably questioning everything. You realize that your significant other is not safe and has abused your trust. You may feel violated and taken advantage of.  You may fear that others will not understand what you are going through and then isolate yourself because it's just easier.  

We understand the pain and profound sense of loss that you are experiencing.  The betrayal from your partner's sexual or emotional infidelities is traumatic.  The trauma is the result of manipulative behaviors, lies, and the significant damage to the trust and safety of the relationship.

Know that your significant others sexual acting out behaviors are not your fault and there is help to support you through this.   

To stop the pain, you need to heal the areas of your life that have been broken.  You may now feel "less than," avoid intimacy, question your intuition, and be flooded with anger and grief.  One of the most noticeable and distressing symptoms is extreme vigilance or being overly watchful, anxious and on guard for fear of getting blindsided again. This will leave you feeling exhausted.

This is not the relationship you signed up for. Now you are left to pick up the pieces of your life.  It's not fair.

You deserve support. You deserve to be heard. Therapy can help.